Nathan Minter (58) - famed civil rights attorney; a "do gooder" yet inadvertently places his career above family obligations;
Morris Minter (80s) - Nathan's father; European Jewish immigrant inflection; widower who copes with loneliness by urinating on public bushes, returning used lamb chops to grocery meat counters, and angering big-wigs
Marc Minter (early 30s) - Nathan's son; corporate lawyer who went to Yale Law School and enjoys material things; afraid of relationships with women

Ann Minter (50s) - Nathan's gentile wife; longs for the attention Nathan can no longer give her
Penelope Webb-Wilson (late 20s-early 30s) - Marc's gentile love interest; artist; Princeton educated
Phoebe (70s) - Morris' sharp-tongued housekeeper; immigrant with strong Haitian accent; black
Walter Collier (early 50s) - senior partner at Marc's law firm; develops a relationship with Ann

Albert - snooty maitre d' at a posh Park Avenue restaurant
Denny (20s-40) - hunky police sergeant; has posed nude in a gay adult magazine
Emma Rothstein (70s-80s) - Morris' neighbor and would-be suitor
Goldman (middle aged) - delicatessen restaurant owner
Grocery Store Security Guard (any age)
Ingrid (40s-60s) - Nathan's secretary
Judge Solczdizcbonisky (middle aged)
Mrs. Frankel (50s-60s) - Nathan and Ann's friend; gossipy yenta-type
Rabbi (50s-60s) - male
Rose Moscowitz (70s-80s) - Morris' neighbor and would-be suitor
Sidney - Morris' nephew; dentist
Thadeus (late 40s-early 50s) - Phoebe's son

Bartender (20s-30s)
Cop (20s-40s) - pretty female police officer
Court Bailiff (any age)
Court Officer (any age)
Dental Office Receptionist
Desk Sergeant (any age) - male police officer
Father Brady (late 50s-70s) - Irish Catholic priest
Rabbi Tannenbaum (any age) - new age rabbi